Where Have We Been?


You might have noticed that Vision Niagara hasn’t had a meeting recently. Well, that’s cuz VN’s Board of Directors has been very busy with defining our vision and developing a 3 year strategic plan.

We started out as a pretty loose group of stakeholders several years ago. More recently, we organized our structure and successfully applied for not-for-profit status. We are an all volunteer group and yet we’ve accomplished so much! Now with the neighborhood developing at practically break-neck speed, the time is ripe for us to really focus our energies.

This determined and committed board of directors (and a few close friends) have carved out major chunks of time from busy schedules so that we can devote ourselves to identifying shared values, developing a vision statement and mapping the road ahead. It’s incredibly hard work and we are very grateful to have professional help, thanks to the generosity of Rich Products.

You’ll hear soon from us about our direction and…. how you can be part of it!