Stormwater Options for Properties in the Corridor

One of the easiest ways we can  reduce water pollution is by eliminating excess paving and managing the runoff from our roadways. The Niagara Street project includes landscape elements to protect the Black Rock Canal and Niagara River.
If you own  property on Niagara Street, you have a choice of planter options to help reduce runoff AND beautify the streetscape. Click here to view how you can make that happen! How cool is that?
But what about maintenance, you might ask? The contractor is responsible to maintain the planters for two years after installation. Then, it’s on the owner to keep it up – just like it is now, with cutting grass, shoveling snow, etc. But…planters can actually be easier to maintain than other treatments. Click here to learn more about it.

City planners need to hear from you now as final designs are drawn up May and June 2017.

Contact Julie O’Neill if you have any questions at 716-851-4664 x. 4213 or