Our Other Waterfront

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Imagine transforming a vacant lot on the corridor into a public green space with an incredible view of the Black Rock Canal and Niagara River. Proposals and renderings were developed nearly five years ago by graduate students at UB School of Architecture and Planning under the guidance of Professor Hiro Hata. As part of their proposal, they envisioned a narrow, linear park along the canal. A pedestrian bridge over the Beltline and highway could be the connection.¬†¬†This would be a game changer for the corridor, not only for residents who have little access to parks within a short walk, but also for developers who are investing in the rehab of historic buildings like the Mentholatum building… think New York’s High LIne Park.

Vision Niagara has a proposal in the works to take over the parcel at 1318 Niagara Street, a DEC clean-up site, as a first step of this vision. Stay tuned!