May Interview: Buffalove Development

This month’s interview is with Bernice Radle of Buffalove Development, whose office is in Upper Black Rock on Niagara Street. Bernice partners with Michael Plyter (Construction) and Peggy Gans (Broker).

What four words describe your project?

Comprehensive Neighborhood Development

Describe the work you do and the impact you’re trying to make:

Buffalove aims to buy, renovate and rent vacant historic properties in Buffalo in a way that embraces the historic character, ups the energy efficiency while keeping the projects affordable for our community. We have several properties on the West Side that we’re working on bringing back to life. It’s exciting and fun!

What brings you to the Niagara Street Corridor?

We love the feel of the neighborhood.

What are you noticing in Buffalo that deserves more attention?

Small businesses all around Buffalo deserve more attention.

What’s your favorite number & why?

716 … because it’s Buffalo’s area code AND my birthday!