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Niagara Street Design Concepts


Yes! That’s a cycle track illustrated for Niagara Street! It can happen! Design concepts for Phase 3 & 4 of Niagara Street reconstruction¬†were presented for review on December 13th. You have an opportunity to see what’s proposed and give feedback. Check the link for Niagara Street Now¬†– the full presentation is available as well as forms for feedback.

We are so excited to see what’s possible for the street! Check out the green infrastructure ideas that are available. What do you think works best? (especially if you are a property owner!).

$4.3M from REDC


We are thrilled that REDC has awarded $4.3 million for the Niagara Street design and construction. This award brings a substantial piece of funding needed to complete the vision of stakeholders for the corridor.

Description: “The City of Buffalo, in partnership with the Buffalo Sewer Authority, will construct the portion of the Niagara Street Gateway running from Porter Avenue north to Ontario Street. The project will incorporate green infrastructure and include construction of a cycle track, installation of vegetation, street furniture and wayfinding signage.” via REDC Awards pg. 15

Niagara Street Reconstruction

Niagara St. map

The design of Phase 3 & 4 of Niagara Street reconstruction (Porter Avenue to Ontario Street) has been awarded by the City of Buffalo to Watts Architecture and Engineering. Their team includes: Stoss Landscape Urbanism (from Boston, MA-for green infrastructure and landscape design); the UB Regional Institute (for public input and outreach), Alta Planning+Design (bicycle facilities and planning), Frandina Engineering & Land Surveying (for survey & stakeout) and Think Outside the Square (for wayfinding/interperative signage).
Projected completed construction is 2017.

Follow all the updates on NiagaraStreetNow website.